GRAFIS is a software for pattern construction, grading and layplanning running on standard Personal Computers using Windows 95 and above. It contains an extensive range of functions for pattern cutting and modification and is available at a very competitive price. Therefore, GRAFIS is in use in industry as well as in trade and education.

Options for Application

GRAFIS works with the construction principle as a standard procedure. Body measurement charts are used to draft basic blocks which are then, modified into styles and production patterns. These measurement charts can represent standard sizes and / or individual persons. The production patterns are developed for one measurement chart while GRAFIS records the individual construction steps. Then, the patterns can be generated for the size range required (off-the-peg) or for individual measurement charts (made-to-measure). 

GRAFIS also allows for pattern development and grading with increments. The basis are digitized, imported or other available patterns. The size range is generated through grading with grade rules. Here, also pattern modification ensues according to the construction principle without the necessity of re-processing the increments. Experience shows that the construction principle ultimately leads to a better fit.